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How to configure Slack Integration
How to configure Slack Integration

Here's a short guide how to connect your Slack workspace to Quantive Results.

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Getting started step by step:

1. Log in your Slack Workspace that you need to connect your Quantive Results account to.

Note: that the email you sign into your slack workspace must be the same email you sign into your Quantive Results account with.

2. Once you have successfully logged into your Slack workspace log into your Quantive Results account.

3. Navigate to Settings - under the Integrations section select Slack and click on the Add to Slack button.

4. Next allow Quantive Results to access your Slack Workspace.

5. Once you get the following message, your integration is completed successfully.

6. The last step is to log in your Quantive Results account via Slack.
Open your Slack channel and type the following command: /quantive-login

7. Once you get the link in Slack to login to Quantive Results, copy and paste the login link to a new window in the browser where you have already logged into your Quantive Results Account.

You will then receive a message that you have successfully logged into Quantive Results through slack. Now you can start using commands in Slack by entering / in the message section of your Slack Channel.

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