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How to log in to/switch between multiple Quantive accounts
How to log in to/switch between multiple Quantive accounts

How to browse between multiple accounts you’ve been invited to

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Some users (e.g. Quantive partners) need to set up multiple accounts for their end-users or be invited to multiple accounts. A user can be invited to each account with the same e-mail address.

! For Quantive customers working with a partner - when a partner user(s) is/are added to a client account the client is not charged for the partner seat(s)

Primary account

You should always have a primary account (the first account you were invited to) which is generally your company account/the main account you use.

Secondary account

If you need to join other accounts apart from your main one simply ask an admin to invite you with the same e-mail you use to log in to your primary account.

Once an admin sends the invite you will receive a notification in your main account, and you will also receive an invitation e-mail.

If the e-mail is not in your Inbox, check the Spam folder. If you don’t find the e-mail, contact an admin.

From the e-mail invitation, you will be able to join/discard the invitation.

Once you click join you will be directed to the account you were invited to.

NB: It is recommendable that you’ve signed into your main account before you click to join a secondary account.

When you hit join or discard the admin that has sent you the invite will be notified of your action.

Switch account

When you join at least one secondary account an option “Switch account” will appear when you click on your profile pic. Clicking on it will show you a list of all accounts you’ve joined. From this list, you can easily switch between accounts without logging out.


If you log-out and log-in again you will be navigated to the last account, you were browsing.

Europe/US accounts

If you need to switch accounts and they are set-up in different locations, you will be asked to authenticate with your e-mail and password. This is because Quantive has two data centers – in Europe and the US.

Profile settings (from “Edit profile”)

  1. Change in name – changes the name across all account

  2. Change in password – affects your next login; you need one set of credentials to log-in and browse multiple accounts

  3. Change in language & avatar – you can set different language and avatar for every account

Delete user

  1. Delete from primary account – If you’re deleted from your main (company) account all your secondary users will be deleted

  2. Delete from a secondary account – If you’re deleted from a secondary account, only this secondary user will be deleted

Trial accounts

If your primary account is trial and your e-mail is added to secondary accounts, you won't be deleted from all accounts once the trial expires. One of the secondary accounts becomes primary and the expired trial disappears from the list.

Video showing invite/switch accounts

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