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Employee Profiles

Showcase your progress, highlight your biggest achievements, and see how you’re doing on your OKR journey with employee profiles

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Employee profiles display basic information such as when the employee joined Quantive Results, what teams they're a part of, what badges they've been awarded, and user custom fields; help individuals and managers prepare for 1-on-1 meetings, and enable others to easily award badges to the individual.

How to access an employee profile

There are several ways to access an employee profile.

  • Searching for an employee via the search bar then using the drop down menu

    to search for employees

  • Navigating to People > Employees and clicking on their name

  • Clicking on an @mention in a comment

The employee profile layout

There are 5 main sections in an employee profile.


What's displayed?

Personal Best

The employee's all-time biggest achievements. Click on each of them to see relevant additional information.

Latest KR updates

The last 3 KR updates the employee posted. These include manual updates only. Dynamic KRs will not appear in this section. Click an update to drill down and see more details


Objective progress, Key result progress, and Objective progress over time


Statistics related to Key result updates, OKR design score, and OKR ownership. Click on "View details" where available to see relevant additional information.


Statistics related to task ownership and completion

ℹ️ User permissions are respected in the employee profile. For example, if the individual owns private Objectives, data related to those Objectives will not appear.

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