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Choose your Quantive Results Plan
Choose your Quantive Results Plan

Here's how to choose your plan.

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Quantive Results enables you to select among several plans to fit your specific business needs. Each plan comes with its a set of product features and integrations, support, security and availability. You can subscribe to a monthly or yearly payments contract.

  • NOTE: that as of October 19th 2023, Quantive Results will be reducing the price you pay for your Scale plan from $18 to $9 per user while still providing you with the best possible experience.

  • You might be wondering if this change will affect your team? – the answer is no! In an effort to adapt our Scale plan to better align with customer usage and expectations, we are making minor adjustments to the Scale feature set and adjusting the price. Based on your feature usage to date, we don’t expect these adjustments to impact your team.

  • What features will change in your Scale plan?

    • We are simplifying things for you by removing some of the features from the Scale plan to align with what our customers need. Some of the features being removed include:

    • Insightboards

    • Exports

    • Approval workflows

    • Bulk tagging and assigning

    • Dynamic Key Results

    • Badges

  • If you would like to benefit from these removed features, they will still be available in our Enterprise plan, with additional capabilities like AI-guided OKR creation, Key Result milestones, and more customization.

  • You can compare plans and features on our website, or schedule a call with our team by emailing

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