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Users and Teams Management

An overview on your users and teams.

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The Quantive Marketplace has predefined insights that can help you see how many teams and users are using Quantive Results as well as their general information.

These insights use Quantive Results data and can be used as well in powering your key results to update automatically to create dynamic key results. Insight that are capable of making dynamic key results will be noted in their description below.

For more detailed instructions on installing insights from the marketplace click here, below we will go over insights used to track teams progress and other metrics about your team.


This insight shows the number of teams in your instance.

This insight can be used to create a dynamic key result.


This insight show the number of users in your instance.

This insight can be used to create a dynamic key result.

List of Users and Teams

This insight is used to get a quick overview on what teams each of your employees is on, how many teams they are on, their email address, and if they are a manager.

This insight is filterable by team(s).

List of Users with Permission roles

This insight shows each role a user has, when that user was created as well as how many roles that user has and how many total users your instance has.

List of Teams and their Members

This insight shows the list of all teams with their manager (if any), members and the count of members per team.

This insight is filterable by team(s).

Employees without a team

This insight shows the list of users that are not members of any team showing the total number of employees without a team and the percentage it makes out of the total number of users in the account as well as the name of the employee and notify via email button.

Insightboard at a glance

Below is how this insightboard can look like if you decided to use all these insights for managing your team.

For more information on insightboards click here.

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