Use this example to create a custom database entity in Gtmhub. The entity holds data for the monthly sales and has three fields - Sales opportunities, Status of deal, and Revenue.


Perform the following:

  1. In the navigation pane, expand Insights and click Data sources.

  2. In the toolbar, expand Add new data source and click Create custom entity.

  3. In Title, enter Monthly sale opportunities

  4. In Name, enter sales_monthly

  5. In Description, enter List of sales opportunities with their revenue

  6. In the Fields section, in the first field, enter sale

  7. In the second field, enter Sales opportunities

  8. In the dropdown box, select String.

  9. Click + Add field.

  10. In the first field, enter sale_stage

  11. In the second field, enter Status of deal

  12. In the third field, select String.

  13. Click + Add field.

  14. In the first field, enter sale_rev

  15. In the second field, enter Revenue

  16. In the third field, select Integer.

  17. Delete the index.

  18. Click Create custom entity.

  19. Refresh the Data sources page.


The new entity appears under Not connected entities.

Next steps

After you have created the entity, you populate its field with data.

Perform procedure Example: Map a custom entity to a data source.

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