Q3 saw Gtmhub launch 200 improvements that eliminated 73 (now) unnecessary clicks from the product. This says it all - we’re simplifying the experience, improving the performance, and adding more valuable features to support you in being successful with OKRs. Below are the main areas and features we'll focus on this quarter:


How is our team aligned? Just scroll down in the all-new Nested OKRs view.

Use case: You’ll be able to quickly navigate through the alignment of OKRs just by scrolling with your mouse or using your keyboard.

Status: ⚪️ Postponed

OKR custom statuses for full transparency in your process and progress.

Use case #1: As priorities change, you have to stop working on an OKR that you still need to keep for transparency – now you can give it “Not a priority” status.

Use case #2: Get a helicopter view of how many OKRs were, for example, abandoned or completed over time. Then see how your process improves.

Status: ✅ Done

Key result automation

Improved way of tracking Key results. 20x faster to setup.

Use case: You'll be able to automate your key results in an instant. A single click on ‘Track automatically’ will let you plug an integration, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, or Jira, and get the data point through a visual editor. The revamped workflow will save you tons of time and effort in the process of creating automated KRs.

Status: ✅ Done

Streamlined data permissions.

Use case: When you add a new data integration with Gtmhub you can decide who will have access to that data across the product - for key results automation, insights, insightboards, and KPIs.

Status: ⚪️ Postponed

Find anything in under 2 seconds.

Use case: You have to jump quickly from your OKR to that other insight.

It was something with ”Increase”... here it is!"

Status: ✅ Done


Comments on Tasks.

Use case: You’ll be able to leave comments and collaborate effectively without losing the context of the task at hand.

Status: ✅ Done

Attachments on Tasks.

Use case: Enhance visibility by uploading images or documents to your tasks and collaborate right there and then.

Status: ✅ Done

Tasks on Key results.

Use case #1: Planning the summit to your KRs will be more effective than ever with tasks on Key results. Organizing your work on OKRs has never been easier.

Use case #2: With the more details now available, you’ll be able to drill down into your company’s OKRs to identify the exact bottlenecks to make progress.

Status: ✅ Done

Employees and Teams

Individual and team reports.

Use case: What if you want to see how someone’s work has evolved over time? Simply click on a name and generate an informative OKRs report.

Status: ✅ Done

Employees and Teams Lists.

Use case: Make a list to find out, for example, which employees are part of the Denver office, or which teams have OKRs progress above 75%.

Status: ✅ Done

Mobile app: Keep the same process. Follow the progress.

In addition to the recently developed task management in the mobile app, in Q4 2020 we’ll roll out:

Team updates (formerly KR Timeline).

Use case: Browsing the latest KR updates of your colleagues, congratulating them, or adding a task for them will all be possible in the app.

Status: ✅ Done


Use case: The one go-to place to find everything you need is arriving in the mobile app – your OKRs and to-do's will be available at a glance. Act on time - approve objectives, work on tasks, update your key results, and check your progress even when you're on the move.

Status: ✅ Done


Fewer emails, better emails.

Use case: you will receive only one email with all the important updates.

Status: ✅ Done

Unified pagination across the product.

Use case: You'll be able to navigate your most-used screens much faster.

Status: ✅ Done

3x quicker integration.

Use case: We'll remove 3 steps to add a data integration. Or you'll have no steps at all - just take a look at the insights and connect your data later.

Status: ⚪️ Postponed


We're supercharging the product performance with:

  • Faster loading times and data syncs in your Reports

  • Faster data syncs on all of your integrations

  • Faster insights' loading time

  • Faster KR view

Status: ✅ Done

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