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Quantive Results' Adwords integration. Here's how to connect your Google Adwords account to Quantive Results to use real time data.

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Being able to use your marketing data can greatly benefit you and your company with your OKRs.

How to connect

  • In Quantive Results, navigate to the Data Sources screen by clicking into it from the side menu under Settings tab

  • Click the Add new data source button

  • From the Choose a connector dialog, select the Marketing tab and then select Google AdWords

Click on the connection and then enter a connection name.

Next you will need your Developer Token and Client Customer Id. To do this go to your Google Adwords instance into your Manager Account. From here navigate to TOOLS & SETTINGS > SETUP > API Center. From here you will be able to get your Developer Token, for more details click here.

Copy the Developer Token in the center of the screen and paste it into the Developer Token box over in Quantive Results.

Next we will need to get the Client Customer Id. Go back to your instance in Google AdWords and on the right next to your profile picture you will find the id, copy it and paste it in the Client Customer Id box in Quantive Results and click Connect data source.

From here you will be asked to choose your Google account associated with AdWords, choose that account, and in the next screen click Allow. Select the entity you want.

Then choose its sync schedule.

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