The Home screen is your starting point in Gtmhub. It is the place assigned tasks, your and your team's OKRs, update key results, and a summary of your total progress.

The screen is divided into four main sections to help you navigate quickly. You can collapse or expand them:

To-do section

This section contains a list of your tasks. In this section you can do the following:

  • Update the status of upcoming and past tasks

  • Update Key Results

  • Approve OKRs

You will see Tasks and Key Results in this section if:

  • Tasks:

    • The Tasks are assigned to you

    • If the Tasks are attached to an OKR, the OKR must be in a current session

    • If the Tasks are not attached to an OKR, you will see them regardless of when the due date is

  • Key Results:

    • The Key Result is assigned to you or a team that you manage

    • The Key Result has not been updated in the current cadence


This section contains a list of your active objectives and their key results. If you own a key result, but not the objective, you will see the key result only.

Note: You will only see OKRs that are in a current session. If the session has ended or it hasn't started yet, you will not see OKRs from that session.

For each item, you can see:

  • The progress made in the past two weeks

  • When it was last updated

  • Update link

My teams' OKRs

This section contains a list of your team's objectives and their key results. This includes teams that you are a member of or teams that you manage. There will be one section for each team that you are a member of or manage.


In this section, you can track the progress of the active sessions, which you have access to. You can see at glance both the overall progress and the delta for the last two weeks.

The session progress charts have the following indicators:

  • Myself
    This displays the average progress of your OKRs.

  • My Teams

    This displays the average progress of OKRs owned by teams you are a member of or manage. There will be one section per team.

  • Everyone
    This displays the progress of the entire session.

Why can't I see my OKRs or Tasks?

There are a few cases where you might not see an OKR or Task that you are expecting to see.

  • The OKR is not in a current session

    • The home screen will only display OKRs that are in current session. Meaning if the session dates have ended or haven't started yet the OKR will not be displayed.

    • This also goes for Tasks attached to OKRs.

  • You are a member of a team, not the manager

    • Team owned Key Results in the To-Do section will only appear if you are the manager of the team.

  • The session is archived

    • If a session if archived, then OKRs and Tasks from that session will not show up on the home screen (regardless of the dates of the session).

  • The Essentials plan

    • Tasks are not included with the Essentials plan. They are included with the Scale and Enterprise plans.

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