View KPIs and adjust KPI intervals

Learn how to view your KPIs in different time intervals

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You can see how the KPIs are performing on the KPIs page.

In the navigation pane, expand Insights and click KPIs.

The page displays a list of all created KPIs.

Each cell contains:

  • The KPI value

  • The delta

  • The percentage change relative to the previous value.

NOTE: Dynamic KPIs that are linked to an insight are indicated by the link icon.

KPI intervals

You can view your KPIs in different intervals.

In the toolbar of the KPIs page, select the interval:

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Monthly

  • Quarterly

  • Yearly

Values in each cell are recalculated based on what you have selected to summarize the data by - last value, the sum, or the average.

NOTE: Changing the time interval has effect only on your KPIs page and does not affect how others in your account see the KPIs.

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