Gtmhub Mobile App allows you to view OKRs, update your key results, manage tasks, and track KR updates from your team.

NOTE: While you can update key results, you cannot edit them using Gtmhub mobile app.

After you have downloaded and logged in the Gtmhub mobile app, you can see the following screens


You can view the home screen by tapping the first button at the bottom of your screen.

It is the place where you can see all your Tasks and KRs, that are not up-to-date.

To be precise, the conditions are:

  • KRs:

    • Assigned to you or to the team(s) you manage.

    • Need to be updated in the next 3 days or has not been updated in the current session's cadence.

  • Tasks:

    • Assigned to you

    • Status is Open or In Progress

    • There is no deadline, or the upcoming deadline is in the next 2 days or overdue.


A list with all OKRs is available by tapping the second button at the bottom of your screen.

Under Active, you can see sections with your OKRs, your team’s OKRs, and all other OKRs that are in active sessions.

My OKRs allows you to see the OKRs assigned to you in all active sessions.

Using this link, you can:

Browse by session

Under Sessions, you have access to all active and archived sessions and browse through the OKRs in them.

If for example, you want to check how a particular team member is doing, you can filter the OKRs by owner. Click the name and you can review their progress.


You can view all of your tasks by tapping the third button at the bottom of your screen.

You can use the tabs My tasks and All tasks. On these tabs, you see a list of your tasks and your team’s tasks. You can create, edit tasks, or change their statuses.

For more information, see Update tasks from the mobile app and Create a task from the mobile app.


You can view the Timeline by tapping the last button it the bottom of your screen.

With the KR Timeline, you can satisfy your curiosity and see everyone's latest updates in your organization.

Profile and Logout

You can access your profile by tapping your Avatar in the top-right corner of your Home screen.

There you can also Logout.

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