Learn how to structure your data and organize your insights with insightboards

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Insightboards are a centralized hub for accessing and managing your insights. They are a repository for your insights and a place where you can combine all your data in various ways.

To access insightboards, in the navigation pane click on Insightboards.

Some of the benefits of using insightboards are the following:

Improve organization

The role of insightboards is similar to that of a folder and is essential in keeping your data well organized.

For example, you can group insights by purpose - Sales, Bugs, and Marketing, by data source - Jira, Asana, and Salesforce, by team, or by project.

Control access

Insightboards can also have specific access permissions to secure your data by keeping it private, if needed, or available only to limited group of users.

For more information, see Set permissions for insightboards.

Filter data

You can use parameters to filter the data of your insights and alter their calculation. This way, you can structure your data and extract the information you need from a report.

For more information, see Filter the output of insights.

Categorization and better navigation

You can use tags to improve facilitate the navigation, filter the insights, and improve the overall experience of managing your data and insights.

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