By default Quantive Results calculates the progress of an Objective, by summing up the attainment of all Key Results and then dividing it by the number of Key Results. In other words, by calculating their average attainment. For the majority of cases, this is the best way to go.

There are, however, cases when the logic for attainment calculation should be different. For example, some companies have top-level Objectives that don't have Key Results. They have child sub-Objectives instead. For example, a department Objective is broken down to several divisions that have each added a sub-Objective, corresponding to their function. In such cases, the top-level Objective attainment must be calculated as the average of the attainment of all child Objectives.

To facilitate such scenarios, Quantive Results enables you to define custom Objective attainment formulas. In addition to the default calculation mechanism, you can also use an attainment formula calculating the average of the Objective's child Objectives.

Configure the progress calculation formula 

To select which formula to use for calculating your objective's attainment, follow these steps:

  1. Create an Objective (or edit an existing Objective)

  2. Use the Progress dropdown to select the desired calculation formula. 

NOTE: If you select child sub-objectives progress calculation formula, you will no longer be able to add Key Results under this objective. You will be prompted to add Sub-Objectives instead. 

If you proceed with this step, any KRs created under this Objective will be deleted. This way you have switched to calculation based on sub-objectives and you can add start adding them.

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