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Example: Custom fields of teams and users

Learn some useful ideas for creating custom fields for teams and users

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This article contains examples of custom fields that you can create for teams and users.

You can add as many custom fields to a type, as required.

For more information, see Create custom fields.

Teams custom field

Following is an example of a team custom field, named Office. You can use it, if you need to specify where the team is located:

  • Label: Office Location

  • Apply to: Teams

  • Type: Drop-down menu

  • Option 1: New York

  • Option 2: London

  • Option 3: Berlin

  • Required: Selected

  • Description: Specify where a team is located

  • Tooltip: Location of the office

    NOTE: Now that you have an Office custom field, you can use it in your Insightboards as a filter to gain more granular understanding of your organization’s OKRs progress.

User custom field

Following is an example of a team custom field, named OKR champion. You can use it to know who the OKRs champions are in your organization:

  • Label: OKR Champion

  • Apply to: User

  • Type: Drop-down menu

  • Option 1: Yes

  • Option 2: No

  • Required: Selected

  • Description: Specify the OKRs champions in the organization.

  • Tooltip: Is this employee an OKR Champion?

    NOTE: You can create a simple Insight that lists all the OKR champions in your organization that people can reference, if they need help, and you can point everyone to this information easily by referencing it in an announcement.

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