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Create and use tags

In this video, you'll learn how to tag your OKRs and then use those tags to filter or use them as part of an automation condition.

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Use tags when you want to categorize your OKRs. Tags allow you to easily filter OKRs throughout Quantive Results. Learn why they're useful and how you can take advantage of them.


Permissions needed

By default, users will be able to add tags - from a list of existing tags - to items that they have the necessary access and permissions. For example - a user can add the existing tag "strategic" to an OKR or an Insightboard they have permission to edit.

To create new tags - the users would require the "Create tags" permission on their user role level. Only users that have "Create tags" and "Manage account setup" will be able to edit, delete and merge tags, since these operations are available under the account setup settings.

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