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Cloning and Permissions for reports

Learn how to clone reports and make the predefined reports available to everyone or to a restricted group of users

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The process and the performance reports in the Reports section can be accessed by users that have the "Manage data" or "Access Reports and Insightboard parameters" permission.

You can make the reports available to more users, if your process requires this.

You can make the reports available in the following ways:

  • Grant the "Manage data" or "Access Reports and Insightboard parameters" permissions to the roles that you want to be able to access the reports. You can also create a new role with this permission and add the required users to it.

    For more information, see Manage permissions of roles.

  • Clone the reports
    You can clone the reports and they will appear in the Insightboards section. Then, change the permissions for the insightboard. In this case the users you'd like to view the cloned report will need the "Access Insightboards" permissions.


To clone a report, perform the following:

  1. In the navigation pane, click on Reports and click Progress report or Performance report.

  2. In the upper-left corner next to the report title, click the ellipses menu and select Clone.

  3. Next choose whether you would like to set permissions for this cloned report. Then click Clone Insightboard.

  4. Once you click on Clone Insightboard you are automatically taken to your cloned

    insightboard where your Report lives.

  5. Click the ellipses menu next to the title and click Title and permissions to edit the title or permissions for your insightboard.

  6. For more information, see Set permissions for insightboards.

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