You can create custom Insights using SQL queries and HTML for visualization. Here’s more on how to create an Insight.

If your Insight returns a single number (e.g., MRR, Number of Jira Epics…), Gtmhub can automatically create the user interface (UI) for your Insight – though, if you want, you can fall back on fully custom HTML.

To take advantage of automatic UI for your single value Insight,

  • Click on Execute after you write your SQL query

  • Click on Automatic UI

To change formatting, click on Formatting options.

You can adjust the following:

  • Decimal size - the number of decimal places you want the Insight value to display

  • Thousands separator - when checked, large numbers are separated in groups of thousands with a comma used as the delimiter

  • Color - the color of your Insight value can be changed from black to green, red, etc.

  • Unit - a currency symbol or custom unit of measurement which can be placed before or after your Insight value

Once you’re satisfied with your formatting options, click Save.

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