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Learn how to get a high-level overview of your OKRs performance using the Performance report

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The performance report gives you a high-level overview of the ongoing progress of your organization’s OKRs and tasks.


To be able to view the report, you must be an administrator or have the Manage Data permission.

View the report

To view the Performance report, in the navigation pane, expand Reports and click Performance report.

The report opens. It contains the following:

  • OKR performance
    The average progress of OKRs

  • OKRs with no progress
    The number of OKRs that have 0% attainment
    If you click View list, you can see all the OKRs with zero progress.

    You can click Ask for an update, which lets you send an email to the objectives’ owners.

  • Average confidence
    The average confidence level.

  • Progress by user
    The progress for each individual contributor.
    You can use the Objectives and Key results tab.

  • Progress by team
    The progress for each team and their team members

  • Progress by tag
    The average progress of OKRs tagged by each tag

  • Tasks
    The tasks count by task status

Filter the report

You can filter your report by the following:

  • Teams and people
    To do this, click the teams and people filter, and select one or more teams

  • Session
    To do this, click the session filter, and select one or more sessions

Customize the performance report

The performance report is an insightboard with predefined insights.

You can customize it by cloning it.

To do this, perform the following:

  1. In the navigation pane, expand Reports and click Performance report.

  2. Expand the ellipses menu next to Performance report on the upper-left corner and click Clone.

  3. Adjust permissions if needed by choosing custom or visible for everyone.

  4. Add a user, team or a role by +Select from list option.

  5. Click on Clone Insightboard.

  6. Next you are automatically taken to the insightboard page where your new cloned insightboard labeled "Performance report clone" now lives.

  7. You can edit the insightboard and its insights by clicking the edit option on the top

    right of the screen or by pressing "E" on your keyboard.

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