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People - Organization View

Learn how to view and explore your Organization

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The Organization view is used to view your teams’ structure and for reference of all of the employees distributed in the teams.

Quantive Results creates the Organization view automatically. The Organization reflects you teams’ structure – parent teams, child teams, their managers and employees.
For more information, see Create teams.

Explore the Organization View

To view your organization, in the navigation pane, Click on People then click Organization.

You have the following views:

  • Expanded team members view

    Displays up to 5 employees in a team. If more than 5 employees are part of the team, click "See more members" to view the rest of the team members.

  • Collapsed team members view

    Does not display any team members. If there are employees belonging to a team, "Show members" will be visible and clicking on it will show all employees belonging to that team.

  • Expanded view
    Displays all the teams and their relationships.

  • Collapsed view
    Displays all top-level teams. Any child teams are not visible unless they are manually expanded or "Expand all" is clicked.

  • Drag and drop view
    Allows you to drag and drop teams within the organization and in that way change the relationship between teams.

    NOTE: Drag and drop view is visible only for users with "Manage teams" permissions.

  • To access the different views click the links in the toolbar:

NOTE: The organization of teams and the parent-child relationships between teams does not an impact how your OKRs are structured. This setup will only impact the Organization page.

  • You can access employees and teams profiles directly from the org chart by clicking on the employee or team name.

  • Users with "Manage teams" permissions will see an ellipsis menu next to each team, team manager and team member. Through them a child team can be created, a team can be deleted and a team manager or member can be removed from the team. Clicking on "No manager assigned" opens the team profile with the "Manager" field in focus. Any changes made will be immediately shown in the Organization.

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