Gtmhub Marketplace has predefined OKRs that can facilitate you in initiating your OKR process. They can serve as a basis or as examples of your OKRs.


To be able to install OKRs from the Marketplace, you must have created the session which the OKRs will belong to.


Perform the following:

  1. In the navigation pane, click Marketplace.
    The Gtmhub Marketplace appears.

  2. In the toolbar, click OKRs.
    A list of all predefined OKRs appears. You can preview the OKRs and their key results.

  3. You can filter them by using the tags on the left or the search box.

  4. When you choose an OKR that suits your company objectives, click its + button.
    The OKR is selected for installation.

  5. Choose as many OKRs as required.

  6. When finished, in the toolbar, click Show selected OKRs.
    You can continue looking for other OKRs to install, by clicking on Select more OKRs.

  7. For each selected OKR, select the session where you want to install in.

  8. Click Install OKRs.
    The OKRs are installed in the selected session.

  9. Click Go to your Gtmhub account.


The selected OKRs are installed in the desired session.

You can tailor the objectives and their key results, add tasks, tags, comments, and more.
For more information, see Edit objectives and Edit key results.

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