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Configure account notifications

Learn how to manage the notifications for all users in the account

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You can select to receive notifications in your Quantive account or via email. Notifications can be sent for OKR activities, tasks, and more. By default, all notifications are turned on.

You can configure the default notification settings for all users in the account.

Afterwards, each user can modify their individual notification settings.


To configure notification setting for the whole account, you must be an administrator or have the appropriate user role permissions - Manage account notifications + Manage account setup.


Perform the following:

  1. In the bottom of the navigation pane, click Settings.

  2. Under the System section, select Account notifications.

  3. Select and deselect the toggle switches of the notifications you want to receive.
    The Quantive column is for notifications within your Quantive Results account.

    The Email column will send notifications via email. The settings are applied instantly.

Notifications set

You can receive notifications for the following:

  • OKRs

    • Updated to OKRs owned by me

    • Updates to OKRs owned by my team

    • OKRs assigned to me or my team

    • Approval workflow

  • Key Result updates

    • Owned by me

    • Owned by my team

  • KPIs

    • Updates to KPIs owned by me

    • Updates to KPIs owned by my team

    • KPIs assigned to me or my team

    • KPI projections missed or beaten

  • Tasks

    • Tasks assigned to me

  • Teams

    • Teams assigned to me

  • Badges

    • Badges awarded to me or my team

  • Mentions, comments and reactions

    • New comments, mentions and reactions

  • Check-Ins

    • Check-in reminders

    • Check-ins published by teammates

  • Sharing

    • KPIs, Insightboards, Whiteboards, reports and sessions shared with me


Unless a user has modified specific individual notification settings, your changes will come into effect instantly for all users in the account.

If a user has modified a notification setting to their preferences, your changes will not affect that specific user.

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