To connect to SuiteCRM you will need the following:

  • SuiteCMR instance address - this is the URL from which you access of your SuiteCRM instance, e.g.:
  • A user with Read rights for the data sources you want to connect to Gtmhub.

  • SSL Certificate to trust - Gtmhub will connect over a secure connection to your SuiteCRM instance. If you want to establish a limited trust to the servers it can connect to provide the public MD5 or SHA1 thumbprint of your instance's certificate. To trust any SSL certificate use the default option.

How to connect

Gtmhub connects to SuiteCRM using Username/Password authentication. Before you begin make sure that you create a new user that will be used by Gtmhub to connect to your CRM instance. To create a connection click on the Insights drop down menu > Data sources choose Add new data source. Select SuiteCRM from the Sales category.

Provide necessary information to connect to the SuiteCRM instance. Example below uses the SuiteCRM Online Demo environment:

  • Instance address
  • Username: your online demo username

  • Password: your online demo password

  • SSL Certificate:

57 D6 41 19 0E 46 F2 0E A6 0D 3E E5 8F F5 7A 04 BD A3 62 CB

If the provided information is correct you will be taken the screen to choose data sources you want to connect. For example to sync SuiteCRM Opportunities search for the opportunities data source and select it.

Give a distinguishable name of this datasource and choose your sync schedule 

Gtmhub will sync your Opportunities every day. 

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