Starting with OKRs can be hard, especially in larger organizations. Many people wonder what makes up a good OKR. We often get asked, “What are some example OKRs for VP Engineering?” or “What are good OKRs for SDRs?”

Furthermore, automating OKRs—so that Gtmhub does all the updating for you by connecting to a system such as Jira or Salesforce can be a bit intimidating for a non-technical user.


To solve those problems, we are introducing a Gtmhub Marketplace, which will allow you to install OKRs and automations with one-click, much like you install apps on your iPhone. While we plan to be the biggest initial contributor to the marketplace, we are already in talks with the world’s foremost experts on OKRs to partner with us. Finally, the open nature of the marketplace means that every user of Gtmhub – some of the best-run organizations in the world – will be able to contribute to the marketplace, directly from within Gtmhub.


Gtmhub Marketplace will allow you one-click installation of:

  • OKRs for sales, engineering, marketing, product management, UX and more

  • Predefined Insights for dozens of popular systems such as Jira, Salesforce, HubSpot… automatically track progress on key results such as number of leads, bookings, engineering velocity and hundreds more

Additionally, Gtmhub Marketplace allows for private stores, meaning that you can have a library of OKRs and insights to be shared within your organization, but are not publicly available.

What’s in it for you?

Gtmhub Marketplace will help your organization create better OKRs, do it quicker (actually be ready on the first day of the quarter 🙂), and save a ton of time by automating updates.



OKRs are a live, ever-changing process – but that does not mean we don’t want to take a moment and discuss how well are we doing like an organization. Additionally, many times, we need to take data “out” of Gtmhub – perhaps to send it via email, share it on Slack, or even print (🤷‍♂️) it out. 


In Q4, we are introducing Gtmhub reporting – a solution for all types of reports. Fully customizable reports will be automatically generated and available for inspection or sharing. Not only we will provide reports on OKRs process, but you will be able to use the solution to create reports on any Insightboard in Gtmhub.


With reporting, we will deliver:

  • Reports on OKR process and

  • Reporting framework for any Insightboard in Gtmhub

OKR process reports:

  • Activity reports

  • Individual and team reports

  • Attainment reports with highlights of anomalies

  • OKR process health reports (teams without OKRs, objectives without key results, etc.)

Reporting framework:

  • WYSIWYG customizable reports

  • Scheduled reported generation

  • Sharing via a link, Slack, Email, PDF

What’s in it for you?

Gtmhub will make sharing company progress effortless and flexible through customized and engaging reports that provide real-time performance updates to focus your organization and promote operational and strategic growth.

Slack & Microsoft Teams


To work at disruptive speed, companies have taken to Slack and MS Teams as their primary communication tools. The challenge for many organizations is to find a way to bring strategic priorities into everyday conversation as there is a tendency for people to “set and forget” OKRs.  


To bring your organization’s strategic priorities into daily focus—in conversations and decisions—we’re introducing both Slack and Microsoft Teams Gtmhub integrations in Q4.


You’ll have the ability to work with OKRs within these messaging platforms to:

  • Update your OKRs

  • See real-time OKR progress

  • Receive OKR alerts 

What’s in it for you?

Gtmhub will integrate with Slack and Microsoft Teams to help you easily discuss strategic outcomes and bring this focus into your daily work.

Automated linking & cascading of OKRs


OKRs are an alignment tool, but getting aligned within an organization is difficult. Also, understanding ownership and the inter-relatedness of contributions across an organization is daunting.


To enable top-down and bottom-up goal setting within an organization, Gtmhub is introducing automated linking and cascading of OKRs. As leaders set direction, they can both drive strategy and give teams space to align goals to what matters most to the business.


With automated linking and cascading of OKRs, you can:

  • Create, connect and cascade goals throughout the organization

  • Link progress, making them co-dependent

  • Navigate the alignment tree to see cross-organization and cross-session achievement

What’s in it for you?

Gtmhub’s automated linking and cascading of OKRs will help you align OKRs easily, so setting up your annual and quarterly sessions is a breeze. Also, as progress will be linked, you’ll be able to find hot spots and course-correct swiftly. 

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