By using the KR cascading feature, multiple team members can contribute to the achievement of one key result.

Cascading down a key result allows you to select in which child objective you want to create a contributing key result and also define the size of the contribution.


  • The key result that you want to cascade down must be of type Should increase to.

  • You must have aligned at least one objective under the objective whose key result you want to cascade.


Perform the following:

  1. In the navigation pane, under OKRs, click All sessions.

  2. Click the session whose key result you want to cascade down.

  3. Click the Alignment tab.

  4. In the VIEW section, select Include key results.

  5. Expand the menu of the key result that you want to cascade down.

  6. Click Cascade and a new screen appears.

  7. Select the +Add Key Result button and in the first field choose the OKR.

  8. In the second input field, select the child key result.

  9. In the third input field, select the owner of the child key result.

  10. In the forth input field, enter how much do you think the key result of the child objective will contribute to this key result.
    For example, if the key result Should increase to 10 and you enter 3, this means that the child key result will contribute 30% to the this key result.

  11. Click Cascade.


Quantive Results creates the same key result in the child objective, assigns it the target value that you entered in Step 10 and the owner that you entered in Step 9.

NOTE: You can cascade down one key result into multiple objectives. The total of the contribution of all cascading key results should sum up to 100%, although you can configure it to be more.

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