After you have setup your API Token, you can start using the API to configure your account, update your OKRs, or to export and integrate Gtmhub with other business systems. 

Below is an overview of the most common API Methods.  All methods can be found here: Gtmhub Developers Portal (EU) or Gtmhub Developers Portal (US)

Note: All the following links are for the EU version of the portal. If you have a US based account (your account URL has in it) please use the link above to navigate the API Documentation.

Sessions - Goals - Metrics - Tasks

These four methods represent the core functionality of Gtmhub OKRs.  Goals represent Objectives and Metrics the Key Results.  With these methods, you have the ability to:

  • Create new Sessions/Objectives/Key Results/Tasks

  • Query the account for all Sessions/Objectives/Key Results/Tasks

  • Update existing Sessions/Objectives/Key Results/Tasks

  • Delete existing Sessions/Objectives/Key Results/Tasks

Teams - Users - Roles - Permissions

These four methods are provided to help configure an account.  With these methods, you have the ability to:

  • Create new Teams/Users/Roles/Permissions

  • Assign a Role to a specified User or Team

  • Query the account for all Teams/Users/Roles/Permissions

  • Update existing Teams/Users/Roles/Permissions

  • Delete existing Teams/Users/Roles/Permissions


A main use case for using the API is to extract account stats for use in other systems.  The Reports method provides a quick and convenient way to query the current statistics for a given Team or User.  These reports will return the same information you'd find when viewing a Team or User within the People tab in the dashboard. 

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