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Gtmhub July 2019 Roadmap
Gtmhub July 2019 Roadmap

How can you stay in control? Soon you can customize what teams can see and do in a session and you can configure and manage notifications.

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By default planning sessions are visible to the whole organization and each team member can create/update/delete objectives as long as they belong to a role with these particular rights.

If you wish to change the default behavior for a planning session, e.g. make it private to a certain group of people, or change who gets to create/update/delete OKRs within that session, you can do so for specific users and very soon—teams.

Status: Done

In June, you were able to manage email notifications for Objective approvals where Approval Workflows are enabled. In July, you’ll get emails with more contextual information so you can move on with your business faster.

You’ll find relevant notifications more easily with an improved view of the Gtmhub Inbox.

And you’ll be able to manage your notifications by type and place.

Status: In Progress

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