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User Guide: OKRs
OKRs approval workflow
How to enable the Approval Workflow feature for your Quantive account
How to enable the Approval Workflow feature for your Quantive account

The Approval Workflow feature allows for a better and more transparent OKR setting process.

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To enable the Approval Workflow feature, you must:

  1. Navigate to OKRs in your Quantive navigation

  2. Click on All sessions then click the Create a session button

  3. Follow through the steps and create a session

  4. Navigate to the Workflow section

  5. Choose how many Reviewers you want to approve every OKR in this session

  6. Once Reviewers are selected, you can check mark if you would like owners to approve their own OKRs.

    The checkbox ‘Allow anyone to approve OKRs is checked by default, allowing to all users and team members to be approvers. If unchecked, only the shortlist of preselected users in the Reviewers selector will be eligible for approvers. (Screenshot 1).

    The checkbox ‘Prevent owners from approving their OKRs.’ is unchecked by default, ensuring that owners have the authority to approve their own OKRs unless explicitly enabled.

    When the checkbox ‘Prevent owners from approving their own OKRs’ is enabled, individuals and team members cannot approve their own OKRs. To allow the team manager to approve team OKRs, include them in the list of reviewers.(Screenshot 1)

    If both checkboxes, ‘Prevent owners from approving their OKRs’ and ‘Allow anyone to approve OKRs’, are checked, all users except the owners will be eligible to approve individual OKRs. Only team managers and individuals not belonging to the team will be eligible to approve teams’ OKRs.

  7. You can also choose to apply Approval workflow for all fields in the session or Selected fields, choose edit selection to choose what fields are editable after approval.

  8. Once done click on Create session


  • Only account administrators and custom-made roles can create a new session or edit an existing one. Thus, they're the only ones who can enable the Approval Workflow feature.

  • If account administrators enable the Approval Workflow feature in a session they can't go back and disable it. Once set, Approval workflow cannot be removed from a session.


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