Approval Workflow

How can you increase confidence that everyone is engaged in the OKR process and doing the right thing?

It’s common for someone involved in the OKR process to ask these questions:

  • Leaders ask, “Does anyone need help?”

  • An individual thinks to themselves, “Did I do this right?”

  • Everyone asks, “Have we created good OKRs?”

  • An OKR Champion inquires, “Are we ready to go?”

You can solve these problems with the new approval workflow.

Each OKR has three statuses: Draft, In-Review, and Approved. At any point, you can see the status of an OKR, who is responsible for moving an OKR from Draft to Approved, and who is responsible for reviewing an OKR. You can also nudge people who might be behind and ensure they move forward.

Improved Notifications

How can you keep your organisation engaged and informed with relevant information?

Soon you will be able to opt-in and –out of notifications, so that you get what’s relevant to you.

You can stay in control of the information you want to receive by watching items in Gtmhub. 

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