Gtmhub enables you to set permissions on a team level. This allows every team member to have the same set of permissions.


Perform the following:

  1. In the navigation pane, under OKRs, click All sessions.

  2. Click the session for which you want to set permissions.

  3. In Permissions dropdown box, select Custom.

  4. In the search field start entering the team's name you want to give permissions to. Select the team from the dropdown menu.

  5. By default you also give permissions to all subteams of that team. To change that, click on "Include subteams" and deselect the choice.

  6. Another way to add a team is by Clicking + Select from list. Click the Teams tab.

    Enter the name of the team or select it from the list. Click Apply.

  7. Click Save session.

NOTE: When assigning permissions on team level, all the team members, including the manager, are granted the same permissions. However, you can further modify the permissions of particular team members.

For more information, see Manage permissions of roles.

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