Jira Server plugin permissions

This article describes how to adjust Quantive Results JIRA server plugin visibility for the whole account or on a per project basis.

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There are two types of visibility settings you can leverage. One is a project-based setting that will allow or not allow the plugin on projects you specify, and the other one is the View OKRs permission that will manage the access of users/user groups to the plugin and can also be configured globally or per project.

Choosing how to leverage the two visibility settings depends on your preferred Jira management approach. For large companies with thousands of projects, we recommend using both.

To have access to the plugin, a user must be looking at a project that is not excluded from the project setting (or is included) and the user must also have the View OKRs permission.

If the plugin is enabled for a specific project, but the user doesn't have the View OKRs permission, they won't see the plugin. Likewise, if the plugin is not enabled for a specific project, but the user has the View OKRs permission, they won't see the plugin.

Project-based setting

When configuring the plugin, you'll see a row called 'Projects'.

You can use the option to either include or exclude the plugin only in or from specific projects. To allow the plugin for all projects, choose 'exclude from' and leave the project selection blank.

View OKRs user permission

Installing the Quantive Results Jira Server plugin automatically creates a new Jira permission called View OKRs. 

As a result, all users who are granted this permission have access to OKRs from Quantive Results linked to a given issue in Jira. 

You can check the permissions of your Jira account by:

  1. Navigating to Jira Settings > System > Global permissions.

  2. View the View OKRs section

You can find more information about global permissions and how to manage them here: https://confluence.atlassian.com/adminjiraserver073/managing-global-permissions-861253290.html .

By default, in Jira Server Plugin, you don't have any Jira groups granted with View OKRs permission. To grant the Jira group this permission, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Add permission

  2. Select View OKRs from the Permission drop-down menu

  3. From the Group drop-down menu, choose who you want to have access to your linked OKRs.

In addition, please note that by granting a group of users a global View OKRs permission, they have access to all OKRs in all the available Jira projects in their accounts.

You can also grant View OKRs permission on a project level. By doing so, the users granted this permission have access only to the linked OKRs in the selected Jira project. 

To do so:

  1. Select the Projects drop-down menu

  2. Choose Jira project

  3. Go to Project Settings

  4. Choose Permissions 

  5. Pick  Edit permissions from the Action drop-down menu

  6. Scroll down to View OKRs permissions

  7.  Click Edit

  8. Choose which group you want to grant permissions to 

Notice that on the project level you can grant View OKRs permission not only to a group of users but also to a project role and to users with specific application access.
Also, it's worth mentioning that if you granted global View OKRs permission to a group of users, you don't have to grant the same group with project-level View OKRs permission because the group already has access to all linked OKRs across the JIRA instance.

Here is the entire process of creating a new group with users and granting the group global View OKRs permission:

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