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How to Whitelist Quantive

If the problem of having a "network connection" persists, then whitelisting is the solution.

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"Request was denied: It seems that your request was denied by your browser. If you are using an AdBlocker, Firewall or any other extension or security tool, please consider adding an exception for Remember that Quantive does not serve any ads, nor anything else to disturb your privacy."

If such a message shows up on your screen while trying to update your Key Result or just navigating through your OKRs list, then this might be caused by your AdBlocker.

To address this problem and to ensure that your experience with the platform goes as smooth and effective as possible, you need to whitelist Quantive in your browser or plugin extension.

Here's how to do that:

  1. Click on the AdBlocking extension icon

  2. Click the Settings button

  3. Go to the Whitelisted websites section 

  4. Fill in the blank by adding "*"

  5. Click the Add Website button 

In this example, we're using AdBlock Plus. Please note that:

  1. Quantive is by no means associated with this app

  2. Whitelisting Quantive can be easily done using every ad-blocking tool and plugin including but not limited to UBlock Origin, AdBlock, AdBlock, uBlock, AdAway, etc.

  3. Whitelisting Quantive works with every browser and operating system

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