Manage permissions of roles

Learn how to grant or deny permissions to a role

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Besides creating new roles, you can also manage the permissions of current roles. Depending on your requirements, you can grant and deny certain permissions to roles.
For more information, see Permissions set.

NOTE: You cannot change the permissions of system roles. These are the Admin, Data, Hcm, Restricted, and User roles.


To manage role permissions, you must be an administrator.


Perform the following:

  1. In the bottom of the navigation pane, click Settings.

  2. Under the Users section, Click the Users tab.

  3. In the toolbar, click Manage roles.

  4. Click the role whose permissions you want to change.

  5. Select or deselect the permissions that you want to grant or deny to the role.

  6. When finished, click Save permissions.

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