As an administrator, you can localize the whole Gtmhub account, but each user can choose their own language preferences.

IMPORTANT: Changing the language will affect the default language of new users only. The existing users will have their UI unchanged. They can change the language only through their individual language settings.

For more information, see Change your profile language.

Supported language packs

Gtmhub supports the following languages:

  • English

  • German

  • French

  • Portuguese

  • Spanish

  • Simplified Chinese

  • Bulgarian


To change the user interface language of the whole Gtmhub account, you must be an administrator.


Perform the following:

  1. In the bottom of the navigation pane, click Settings.

  2. On the Configuration tab, click Methodology.

  3. In the Language section, select the desired language.

  4. Click Save.


For every new user that you add, the selected language will be applied to the user interface.

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