Gtmhub allows you to easily track OKRs using coloring. You can configure the colors for better visualization of your OKRs progress.

The color scale for OKRs progress is applied account-wide and takes effect over all OKR sessions. Any objectives and key results, created in your account, will have the same success range coloring.

You can use the following settings for colors and numbers to display the progress of OKRs:

  • Colored percentage number

  • Colored dot with no number

  • Percentage number in black color only

You can change the colors for each range, add and delete ranges.

NOTE: The same colors and ranges are applied when displaying key result progress.


To edit the color scale for OKRs progress, you must be an administrator or have permissions to access the account settings.


To modify the color scale for OKRs progress, perform the following:

  1. In the bottom of the navigation pane, click Settings.

  2. On the Configuration tab, click Methodology.

  3. In Color scale for OKRs progress section, click Set color scale.

  4. In Progress colors, select whether you want to track progress with colors, numbers, or both.
    Select one of the following: Numeric and colors, Colors only, No colors .

    If you have selected Numeric and colors, when you open a session, its OKRs’ progress will be displayed in a colored percentage. If you have selected Colors only, the progress is displayed as a colored dot. If you have selected No colors, the progress is displayed as a percentage in black color only.

  5. If you have selected Numeric and colors or Colors only, you can set different colors for the ranges of OKR attainment, add new ranges, or delete existing ranges.

  6. To add a new range, in the input field, enter the upper limit of the new range and click.
    For example, if you enter 10, the new color range will be applied, if OKR attainment is less than 10%.

  7. When finished, click Save color scale.


Following are screenshots that demonstrate how OKR and key result progress is visualizes colors options:

Numeric and colors

Colors only

No colors

Home screen


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