Gtmhub allows you to award badges to your teammates, so their efforts are being recognized.

By awarding your teammates with badges, you demonstrate high-level of engagement and recognition.

First you create the badge, then you can award it to someone. You can award badges to a one or more employees or teams.
For more information, see Create badges.

NOTE: If you do not have permissions to award badges, you have to send them first for approval.


To approve badges, you must be an administrator or have permissions to manage badges.

Award badges

Perform the following:

  1. In the navigation pane, expand People.

  2. Click Badges.

  3. Choose a badge to award and click its + Award badge to link.

  4. In Who should receive this badge?, enter the name of the employee or team that you want to award the badge.
    Select as many employees or teams, as required.

  5. In Leave a comment and award, you can comment on the award.

  6. In Notify, you can choose the employees who you want to notify for the award.
    To do this, click Add people, select one or more users, and click Select user(s).
    The awarded person or team is automatically added to the notification list.

  7. Click Award badge.

Approve badges

If your role does not have permissions to manage badges, you can still award them, but your badge award will go through approval by the administrator, before being awarded.

After you click Award badge the badge will appear in the approval tab of the badge administrator.

To approve badges, perform the following:

  1. In the navigation pane, expand People.

  2. Click Badges.

  3. In the toolbar, click the Approve badges tab.
    All awarded badges appear.

  4. Click the Approve or Reject.

  5. Confirm your selection.


When you or any of your teammates are being rewarded a badge, you receive a notification.

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