Editing a key result is not the same as updating its status. By editing a key result, you can change its name, its type, description, owner, or deadline.

If your objective is part of an approval workflow, you have to first withdraw it.


To edit a key result, you must have the respective permissions and the session of the key result must be in status Open.


To edit a key result, perform the following

  1. In the navigation pane, under OKRs, navigate to the respective session.

  2. In the toolbar, click Filters.

  3. Add 'session' and 'KR owner' or click any of the other filters.
    A list of Objectives and their Key results appears.

  4. Click the respective objective.

  5. In the Key results section, expand the menu of the key result that you want to edit.

  6. Click Edit.

  7. Perform the required modifications.
    For more information, see Create key results.

  8. Click the Save.

Edit a key result that is subject to approval workflow

If you are using approval workflow, you cannot edit an objective or key result that has been submitted and approved. You must first withdraw the OKR, make your modifications, and, then, resubmit it for approval.

To do this, perform the following:

  1. Open the objective.

  2. In the upper-right corner, expand the menu.

  3. Click Withdraw.

  4. Edit your key result.

  5. Resubmit your OKR for approval.

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