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Learn how to update and track confidence level throughout the OKR session

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Establishing a constant communication around OKR progress is a main goal. Quantive Results has a sophisticated goal setting that allows you to communicate and focus on the stuff that matters the most.

One of the features that allow you to engage with your teammates is posting comments or mentioning someone you work with.

Another aspect of the good internal communication around OKRs is to share your confidence level. The confidence level is the subjective feeling of how likely it is for you to achieve your goals and to hit your key results. Also, it might indicate to others that you need additional help.

Update the confidence level of a key result

The confidence level is applied to a specific key result, but not to an objective. You can update it when you update a key result.

For more information, see Update key results.

Track the confidence of a key result

  1. In the navigation pane, under OKRs, click All sessions.

  2. Click the session where the key result is located.

  3. Click the OKR that contains your key result.

  4. Click the title of the key result. The key result details screen appears.

  5. To track how your confidence level has progressed, see the confidence level graphic to the right of your KR details. Here you will see the history of KR updates including date updated and who made the update along with any confidence level changes made throughout your KRs updates.

Configure the scales of confidence levels

  • If you are an administrator, you can setup different scale for confidence levels. It can be numeric, text, or emoji.

  • To edit Custom confidence labels navigate to settings, then under the System section select Methodology. Here you will scroll down and find the Color and labeling settings.

  • Under Custom confidence labels you can setup confidence labels by choosing your label category, as well as set the color for each of your confidence ranges.

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