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Define the session cadence

Cadence is the frequency of issuing key result updates. Learn how to customize the cadence for your sessions in Quantive Results.

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In Quantive Results, the OKR Session cadence defines the frequency of updating the session’s key results. It plays a key role in successfully incorporating the OKRs process in your organization.


To define a cadence for a session, you must be an administrator or have permissions to manage OKR sessions.

Set the cadence of an OKR session

Cadence is defined for a specific OKR session. For each session, you may need different cadence to serve its specific requirements.

To set the cadence of a session, perform the following:

  1. Create a new session or open an existing one.

  2. In the navigation pane, expand OKRs and click All sessions.
    A list of all sessions appears.

  3. Open the menu of the session whose cadence you want to set and click Edit.

  4. In Cadence dropdown, select one of the following: Weekly, Every two weeks, Monthly. In the dropdown below, select which day of the week or month you'd like each cadence to begin.

  5. Click Save session.

Best practices for OKR cadence

Every company has different planning cycles, needs, and priorities. Therefore, you can change the cadence accordingly.

For longer periods, for example annual OKRs, you may consider a cadence that requires KRs to be updated at least once per month. But for shorter OKR periods, such as quarters, you may need more frequent updates - once per week or bi-weekly.

You can also create dynamic key results, which are automatically updated by external data sources, because they provide instant real time overview of your company OKRs progress.

For more information, see Create dynamic key results.

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