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Gtmhub March 2019 Roadmap
Gtmhub March 2019 Roadmap

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Additional Hub Improvements  

When we first released the Hub, we set out to make it a place for you to quickly find the stuff most relevant to you and your team(s) so you can update, review, and reflect on what you’re trying to achieve regularly. 

We know we have some more work to do here to make it your go-to place in Gtmhub. Some things you can expect is the ability to see the dates associated with each cadence, saving filtered views, and editing notes in previously updated KRs.  

Status: Done

Gtmhub Localisation  

Last month we began localising Gtmhub in other languages. We translated Gtmhub in German. This month we’ll continue with our localisation work—this time in Simplified Chinese.

Status: Done

Conversational User Interface (UI)  

Setting Key Results (KRs) seems daunting at first and we’ve noticed there are places where it might be difficult to understand how to do things—like setting Boolean (yes/no) KRs or how to add units to your KRs so you have that additional context—so we’re planning on making these things better for you.

Status: Done


Conversations are used for documenting all sorts of things like 1-on-1s and meetings. Since one of the benefits of OKRs is to help promote transparency across an organization, we want to make it easier for you to make conversations public (if you want). This way everyone can stay in the know. 

Status: Done

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