Happy New Year 🎉

The Hub was released at the tail end of 2018. We're extending the Hub to include more functionality—namely cadence, effort, and an Inbox. 


The cadence is the frequency for you and your team to review Key Result (KR) updates, track results, and initiatives. Usually, teams do this weekly but some do this every other week. Whatever your cadence, we'll organize KR updates so you can sync with your team(s) and stay focused on achieving your aligned goals on a regular basis together. Also, you'll be able to go back and see previous cadences.

Status: Done


OKR best practice involves setting OKRs that measure impact instead of tasks. In Gtmhub, we provide a way for you to set, track and update OKRs. You can also add effort to Objectives. Effort can take on many forms from projects, activities or tasks. We're making effort more visible so you can see it in your Hub and it's easier to track.

Status: Done


Gtmhub is a powerful tool with a lot of functionality. We're adding an Inbox to the Hub so you and your team(s) can communicate more effectively about OKRs and Insights. We'll also add the ability for you to comment on KRs in the Hub. The person or team who owns this KR will be able to see these comments in their Inbox.

Status: Done

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