Learn how to use the Feedback dashboard to optimize the performance process

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OKRs encourage open and meaningful conversations among everyone in the company. Timely communication matters the most for the evaluation progress and future improvements.

In Gtmhub, people can share information with each other about the OKR process. To benefit the most from the OKRs, you must integrate feedback communication in the process.

The Feedback section helps HRs, managers, and their teams to collaborate in an effective way - everyone can ask for, give, or receive feedback from their colleagues.

Available actions

The feedback portal is a performance management tool. Using the feedback portal, you can:

  • Respond to a feedback request about an employee on a certain topic

  • Send unsolicited feedback about an employee on a certain topic

  • Request feedback from an employee about another employee on a certain topic

  • Create and manage feedback topics

Feedback dashboard

To access the feedback portal, in the navigation pane, expand People and click Feedback.

The Feedback dashboard opens. It gives you quick access to your drafts, approved feedback requests, and received feedback.

On the dashboard you have access to:

  • Direct feedback drafts
    This section consists of unsubmitted feedbacks. These are unsolicited drafts of feedback – feedback that is not requested.
    All unsend feedbacks from the Give feedback pipeline appear here.

  • Pending feedback requests
    This section consists of all feedbacks that are requested from you and are still pending.
    Once you send a requested feedback, it is removed from the section.
    You can also Reject a feedback request. Afterwards, it is also removed from the pending feedback.

  • Feedback received
    This section contains all feedback that is submitted for you. You see feedback submitted for you, only is the feedback author have chosen to make the feedback visible to you.

On the dashboard you can also:

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