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Learn how you can ask a teammate to provide feedback

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Perform the following:

  1. In the navigation pane, expand People and click Feedback.

  2. Click Request feedback.

  3. Select an existing topic or create a new topic by clicking + Create new topic.
    For more information, see Manage feedback topics.

  4. To select the deadline for the feedback submission, click the date.

  5. In I need feedback from, enter the name of the employee that has to provide feedback.
    You can enter more than one respondent.

  6. You can add a personal note to each selected respondent, by clicking + Send a note.

  7. In About, enter the employee that will be subject to the feedback about the selected topic.
    If you want to receive feedback about you, you can select your user.

  8. To allow the subject of the feedback to be able to see the provided feedback, move the toggle switch to Yes.

  9. You can send multiple feedback request at the same time, by clicking + Add more feedback requests.

  10. When finished, click Send feedback request.


The request is sent. On your side, it appears in All feedback section.

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