Learn how to post announcements and how to find the announcements that you are interested in

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One of the benefits of the OKR process is that it encourages conversations around what matters most to the company and the employees.

Gtmhub enables you to manage the process of sharing news with your teams, using announcements. Announcements allow people to collaborate, discuss important topics, and engage with the latest events.

Post announcements

Perform the following:

  1. In the navigation pane, expand People and click Announcements.

  2. Click New post.

  3. Compose your announcement.
    For example, you can share the latest achievement of a team, remind everyone for an upcoming company meeting, or share the schedule for the upcoming holidays.

  4. In Notify dropdown box, select who you want to notify with this announcement.
    Select one of the following: Do not send notifications, Send to everyone, Send to selected people.

  5. If you have chosen to send a notification to selected people, click + Add people, select the users, and click Select users.

  6. When finished, click Post announcement.
    Your note appears on the top of the Announcements feed.

NOTE: All awarded badges will be also shown in the Announcements feed.

To each announcement and badge note, you can react with a clap or leave a comment.

Filter announcements

Announcements come with filters to help you find and sort announcements. For example, view announcements posted by your manager, the HR team, or the office coordinator.

On the Announcements page, you have the following filters:

    Click Select author and select the user.

  • Filter BY TYPE
    Select one of the following: Recognition (Badges), Announcements, or All.

    Click Select date range, select the range, and click Done.

Announcement permissions

Gtmhub also has permissions on who can post announcements.

By default, only users with an admin role can post announcements. You can change this. For example, you can give permissions to people from the Human Resources team or team managers to post announcements.

For more information, see Manage permissions of roles.

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