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Configure the Aggregated OKR report

Learn what the aggregate OKR report contains and how to configure it

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Quantive Results can send automatic emails to users in the account with health statistics such as:

  • Aggregated progress on all OKRs per active session

  • List of objectives that are underperforming

  • List of key results that are underperforming

  • List of OKRs that were completed

  • List of key results that have not been updated for a while

  • List of people and teams that do not own OKRs

  • List of objectives that do not have any key results defined

You can configure the contents of the report, as well as the frequency and the time when the report will be sent.

  • *NOTE - The permissions needed for users to receive the aggregated report are contained within the Admin and Data roles. Additionally, you can create a custom role with the permission "Access reports and parameters from data sources".


To be able to configure the aggregate OKR report settings, you must be an administrator.

How to configure

Perform the following:

  1. In the bottom of the navigation pane, click Settings.

  2. Under the System section, click on Aggregated report.

  3. Here we will be working with the Aggregated OKRs report section.

  4. You can exclude specific users that you wouldn't like to receive the report from the Recipients section.

  5. In the Cadence section, select how often you want to send the report.
    Choose between Daily, Weekly, Every two weeks, Monthly.

    you can also select the time zone when the report will be sent.

  6. In Report content, select if 'Key results without objectives' should be included or excluded from the report.

    The Aggregated OKR email contains information from all active sessions that are in status In progress and Open within the current timeframe.

  7. To turn on automatic report sending, just click on the 'Enable' button.

  8. To stop sending the report click on 'Pause'.

    โ€‹Check the content by sending a test preview email

    If you'd like to check how the email looks like once it starts sending you, select a recipient from the drop-down and send them a test email. They will be able to preview a test email with the data that they will be receiving.

    *Only recipients that are eligible to receive the report (owners of OKRs in a current session can receive a test preview e-mail.)

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