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SugarCRM Insights

Quantive OKRs comes with out-of-the-box insights for SugarCRM that you can install with a few clicks. Here's how the integration works.

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Quantive Results comes with following out-of-the-box insights for popular CRM SugarCRM.


  • Sales cycle
    How long it takes to convert a lead to a closed deal.

  • Won conversion rate
    Won deals conversion rate.

  • Sales pipeline depth
    The total amount of leads into the sales pipeline at all open stages.

  • Sales bookings
    Sales bookings from Sugar CRM.

  • Number of tasks

  • Task health overview

  • Campaigns

  • Won & lost deals count

  • Number of contacts

  • Number of open opportunities

  • Deals win:loss ratio

  • Calls held

  • Open deals monetary value

  • Uncompleted tasks due next week

  • Sales Velocity

  • Average deal size

  • Average open deal size

  • Average won & lost deal size

  • Closed won & lost deals amount

  • Deals lifetime

    The average number of days from the day deal is open until it was either closed won or lost. Measured for deals with closed date within the selected time period.


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