Many teams and even teammates work in different locations and sometimes communication and collaboration can be challenging. Therefore, Quantive Results allows you to communicate via comments and mentions.


Everyone can leave a comment about the following:

  • Objectives

  • Key result updates

  • Teams

  • Employees

  • Insights

This facilitates communications and boosts teamwork.


You can also mention employees in comments. You do this by using the at sign (@) and then entering an employee’s name. When you mention someone, that person receives an email notification.

Comment notifications

Every time someone comments an objective, the objective owner receives an email notification.

NOTE: When someone posts a comment to a team or to an objective assigned to a team, the notification is sent to the person assigned as the manager of this team.

Comments - edit and delete

You can edit or delete your comments.

NOTE: Admins can delete the comments of all users.

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