According to best practices, you should be updating your OKRs on a weekly basis, even if you do not have progress to report.

You can access and update key results from several places. This articles define how to update a key result from the Home page->Dashboard screen.


On the Dashboard screen, you get a quick access to all relevant objectives, key results, and tasks that are owned by you and the teams you are part of.

Perform the following:

  1. Click the Update button of the respective key result.

  2. If your key result is a numeric one, enter the new value.

    EXAMPLE: If your key result is Increase customer satisfaction rate to 90% and your last week number was 65%, but this week it is 75%, enter 75.

  3. If your key result is a Boolean key one, turn the toggle switch to Yes.

  4. Add a message.
    Add a message, if you want to give more context about the progress on your key result.

    Quantive Results stores all key result update notes and you can track your progress throughout the OKR cycle. This would make it easier for you to spot areas for improvement.

    NOTE: To mention people in your note, you can use @. When viewing a KR, there is an option to write a comment under the KR's message, which makes collaboration more effective and contextual.

  5. Update the Confidence level, if it has changed.
    Depending what your account administrator has set up for you, you can have three options for confidence level scale: number (0 to 1 or 1 to 10), emoji, or text.

    Make sure you utilize the field according to your subjective view on how this key result is progressing. If there is a chance to miss your target, lower the confidence level of the KR and provide more context on the possible roadblocks in the note. If you feel optimistic, increase the confidence level so it reflects your expectations.
    For more information, see Configure Confidence level labels.

  6. Optionally, you can specify a Check-in date.

  7. When finished, click Update.

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