Users can customize the color of their navigation in Quantive Results to make it their own. The Navigation Themes can be found under the Profile Settings in the user’s account.

❗The personalization of the theme applies only to the user, not the whole account.

How can I change my navigation color theme?

To change your navigation color please make sure that:

✅ You have the New Navigation Experience enabled for your account.

❗The Color Theme feature is only available if you're using the New Gtmhub Experience, which is currently in Beta. To try it out, please get in touch with our team using the Intercom chat in the lower right corner. If you’re unsure which version of the navigation you’re using, please refer to the below screenshot to find out.

✅ To personalize your navigation color theme follow the steps below

  1. Click on the User Profile Icon → Edit Profile. You’ll enter your Profile Settings.

  2. Select “Theme”.

  3. Select the Navigation Color of your choice.

❗The change in the interface is immediate and auto-saved and users will notice it upon selecting the color option of their choice.

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