Gtmhub can keep track of your key results automatically, by pulling data from hundreds of different systems such as SalesForce or JIRA. Often, however, people need to deal with “small data”, which may not have a dedicated system for managing it. Typically, this is where Excel or Google Sheets kick in.

In this article, we’ll demonstrate how to connect your OKRs to “small data”.

Use case

John is a CEO of a Saas company. One of his objectives for the quarter is related to fundraising.

  • Objective: Raise A round

    • Key result 1: Pitch to 40 investors

    • Key result 2: Pitch to 10 partners

    • Key result 3: Get 3 term sheets

To keep track of the pitches, John is going to use Google Forms.

Automating OKRs with Gtmhub, Google Forms, and Google Sheets

The approach for automating this OKR is as follows:

  1. Create a Google Form for keeping track of pitches

  2. Link form entries with a Google Sheet

  3. Connect Gtmhub with Google Sheet

  4. Implement insights

  5. Add metrics to OKR

Create a Google Form

The first thing we need to do is to create a Google Form to keep track of the pitches we do. We will simply collect following information:

  • Name of the investor

  • Have we pitched to a partner (so that we can calculate the second KR)

  • Have we got a term sheet (so that we can calculate the third KR)

Investor pitch form

Investor pitch form

Link Google Form responses to a Google Sheet

Gtmhub can automatically synchronize data from a Google Sheet. So, in order to connect our OKRs with the Google Form – we will first have to export Google Form to a Google Sheet.

To link a Google Form responses with a Google Sheet follow these steps:

  1. In Google Forms, go to the responses tab

  2. Click on the “Create Spreadsheet” icon

Link Google Form with a Google Sheet

Link Google Form with a Google Sheet

  • In the Select response destination dialog, create a new spreadsheet and give it a name (“Investor pitches”)

Create a new spreadsheet

Create a new spreadsheet

Implement Insights

To implement live insights in Gtmhub, we first need to add our Google Sheet as a data source.

  • Login to Gtmhub

  • Go to Setup and then Data Sources

  • Click on the Add new data source button

  • From the Files section select Google Spreadsheet and select your spreadsheet

Google Spreadsheet data source

Google Spreadsheet data source

  • Once you have created the data source, click on the Create entity button

Create Gtmhub entity

Create Gtmhub entity

At this point, you are ready to create insights based on the data coming from Google Spreadsheet. You can use either SQL or R programming language for this.

  • Navigate to Setup and then Insights

  • Click on the Build an insight button

  • Set name and description of the insight

  • Use following code for the insight



Using the insight

Once you save the insight, you can place it on any of the insightboards and attach the metrics to your OKRs. The data coming from Google Forms will be synced and your progress on OKRs will be automatically updated.

Final insight

Final insight

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