Gtmhub enables thousands of companies to achieve their meaningful missions. For a platform that helps you bring strategy to execution, speed, compliance, and security are table stakes. That’s why we’re so invested in Gtmhub’s data hosting model. Storing your account data according to security best practices and serving it from a location closest to you guarantees that our platform performs the way you expect it to.

Regional Data hosting model

Achieving a truly global operation that complies with regional data processing and governance requirements is demanding. Since the beginning of Gtmhub, we knew the challenges that stem from multi-tenant SaaS deployments in the enterprise world. We designed the whole platform with capabilities to scale and reliably operate in a customer-specific, regional data hosting manner.

Most SaaS providers address data hosting requirements by classifying a subset of your data as sensitive or personally identifiable and deploy separate regional capabilities after the fact. Our approach differs - we does not decide on data classification on your behalf. As a truly flexible solution, Gtmhub ensures that all of your data does not leave the boundaries of the desired region.

Available data centers


When we made Gtmhub commercially available it was hosted in our European data center. This location was key for our European customers and when GDPR was officially introduced in 2018 it naturally became our answer to the needs for Gtmhub customers to store their data regionally.

North America

To address the growing customer demand in North American customers we introduced our US data center. It’s a key milestone for our platform as it marks the beginning of muti-tenancy, logical tenant separation, compliance and many other factors included in our data hosting program. We built a scalable model enabling us to easily expand the number of data centers and maintain critical factors like code deployment, security, authentication without added overhead. Naturally, with a US data center we guaranteed regional data storage for US customers, as well as improved browsing speed.

Asia and South America

Building a SaaS platform naturally meant our customers’ business is not only regional but often international. With large enterprise multinational companies aboard, we introduce two new strategic data hosting locations – Asia and South America. This enables us not only to operate in full compliance with local regulations, but also deliver optimal platform experience. Having local data centers in Asia and South America is key for customers using Gtmhub in those regions, where traditionally data served from EU or US suffers lower bandwidth.

Data center security and compliance

One of the biggest challenges in multi regional data hosting was the ability to guide the customer to the corresponding service deployment without sharing data in between the regions. We built a custom solution that locates the correct region for your account even before you are authenticated, ensuring the expected geographical location of all data, including the authentication/login information.

In a cross-team effort between our DevOps, Security, and Engineering teams we also ensure all Gtmhub data centers deliver the same level of data encryption, fault tolerance, logical separation, advanced firewall mechanisms and SOC and ISO compliance. For more information see our Security page.

Identifying your account data center

Each Gtmhub data center has a unique subdomain indicating the location your account is hosted on. Your account URL can help you identify the data center your data is hosted in:

Choosing the right data center

When you sign up for a Gtmhub account a smart algorithm determines the most optimal data center location for your account. By default, this decision is based on the current geolocation of the user creating the account and the closest data center. If your company needs require that your account is hosted in a specific data center:

  • Enterprise customer - communicate this requirement with your Gtmhub account executive prior to getting your account created.

  • Self-serve customers – contact Gtmhub Technical Support to request your account to be created in a specific data center.

Migrating account data between data centers

If your account has been living in one Gtmhub data center, but business requirements necessitate it to be migrated to a different location, contact Gtmhub Technical Support to discuss your requirements and your eligibility for migration.

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